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First-order logic with integer arithmetics in Rust

This Rust crate provides an abstract syntax tree for first-order formulas with integer arithmetics.

Supported Formulas

  • Booleans values (true and false)
  • predicates
  • negated formulas
  • comparisons of terms (<, ≤, >, ≥, =, ≠)
  • implications and biconditionals
  • conjunctions and disjunctions of formulas
  • existentially and universally quantified formulas

Supported Terms

  • Boolean values (true and false)
  • integers
  • strings
  • special integers (infimum and supremum)
  • symbolic functions
  • variables
  • binary operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, modulo, exponentiation)
  • unary operations (absolute value, numeric negation)