Development mirror of Jussi Rintanen’s planner Madagascar
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/* 2010 (C) Jussi Rintanen */
/* Symboltable for IDs and VARs in lexer */
typedef struct _stbucket {
int index;
char staticpredicate;
char *s;
struct _stbucket *next;
} stentry;
#define MAXBUCKETS 0x20000
stentry symboltable[MAXBUCKETS];
stentry **index2stentry;
void initsymboltable();
int symbolindex(char *);
char *symbol(int);
int isvar(int);
int staticp(int);
void setnonstatic(int);
/* Symboltable for p(o1,...,on) atoms. */
int nOfAtoms;
void initatomtable();
int atomindex(atom,int *);
int bvalue(int,int *);
int printatomi(int i); /* Print an atom and return its length in chars. */
void renameatomtable(int,int *); /* Rename atoms by using a mapping. */