Development mirror of Jussi Rintanen’s planner Madagascar
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/* 2010 (C) Jussi Rintanen */
typedef struct _ordintset {
int nOfEls;
intlist *elements;
} *ordintset;
ordintset OScreate();
ordintset OScreateSize(int);
int OScard(ordintset);
int OSemptyp(ordintset);
void OSmakeempty();
void OSinsert(int,ordintset);
void OSremove(int,ordintset);
void OSremoveSet(ordintset,ordintset);
void OS2removeSet(ordintset,ordintset);
void OSaddelements(ordintset,ordintset); /* Add the elements of 1st to 2nd. */
void OSintersect(ordintset,ordintset);
int OSmember(int,ordintset);
void OSreleasefree();
void OSstart(ordintset,intlist **);
int OSnext(int *,intlist **);
void OSprint(ordintset);